1005ha updating bios 1301

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If you have experience with an unlisted model or additional experience with a listed model, please edit the page and add your notes.700 (a.k.a. Press F10 to save changes and proceed to normal boot. 701SD Model: Got hold of 701SD-ASUS-0602.zip, unpacked it to 701SD-ASUS-0602. 1000 Linux Model: Success updating to BIOS version 0803 on a 1000 (Linux model). The native ASUS EZ Flash utility, 8GB Transcend USB stick, Free DOS USB Full image ( were used to flash BIOS. The regular method did not work: I created the FAT16 filesystem on the stick but it was unsuitable for the EZ Flash. ROM" file was found on USB drive but the utility stuck on the file reading stage.

2G Surf) Model: Download 700-ASUS-0401.zip, extract 700-ASUS-0401. Note that the upgrade will reset the bios settings (there are a just a few, anyway). When I tried to use Free DOS and afudos, a thought came into my head that maybe the current filesystem of the flash stick is suitable for the flash utility and it was true.

900 Linux Model: The BIOS update program looks for a file named "900. After renaming the file, updating the BIOS to revision 1006 was successful. 900A Linux Model: with the release 0607 I cannot update the bios with the mentioned hints.

The bios zip file is also without the model number for this model. The filesystem of the partition on the stick was fat16 and it had 511.84 Mi B of memory.

(bool) eeepc_laptop: Eee PC Hotkey Driver eeepc_laptop: wlan hotplug disabled eeepc_laptop: Hotkey init flags 0x41 eeepc_laptop: TYPE (2000000) not reported by BIOS, enabling anyway eeepc_laptop: PANELPOWER (4000000) not reported by BIOS, enabling anyway eeepc_laptop: TPD (8000000) not reported by BIOS, enabling anyway eeepc_laptop: Get control methods supported: 0xe101713 eeepc_laptop: Backlight controlled by ACPI video driver input: Asus Eee PC extra buttons as /devices/platform/eeepc/input/input11 Network Manager: For example, 0x301 means: mode 1 selected, 3 available modes.

Jupiter is taking care of multiple power saving settings including the eee SHE & GMA950 overclocking if you install also jupiter-support-eee See install it, there are a few pre-requisite: Get packages jupiter & jupiter-support-eee from here & install them It takes also care of the extra FN buttons (there is also packages eee-applet & eeepc-acpi-scripts or eeepc-control if you prefer not to use Jupiter) Applet will start at reboot, otherwise you can already start it manually by calling "jupiter.exe" (oups, C#...) Hovering applet displays CPU temperature.

So the new partition table was never written to the disk.Issue: very slow at displaying messages when pressing several times / several buttons in a short amount of time.Support: killall ubuntuone-login ubuntuone-preferences ubuntuone-syncdaemon rm -rf ~/.local/share/ubuntuone rm -rf ~/.cache/ubuntuone rm -rf ~/.config/ubuntuone rm -rf ~/Ubuntu\ One/ # unless you've valuable data here, be careful!Disclaimer: The following instructions are tested on some Eee PC models. (FAT32 formatted 8GB non-partitioned USB stick was used). Insert the USB stick and the BIOS update proceeds automatically. ROM to a FAT32-formatted 1G (no need to create neither FAT32-type nor 16MB-sized partition) noname USB-stick. ROM", since the 1006 revision of the BIOS for the "900 Linux" model is shipped with a filename of "900-ASUS-1006. I used succesfully a freedos live usb ( with bios .To see a list of models and there upgrade results scroll down to the "Tested Models" section. Try not to look at it for the several minutes that it appears to be doing nothing. Upon reboot it will request to press F2 to go into setup, as it detects the change in BIOS. Inserted stick into 701SD and hit powerbutton, then Alt F2. ROM and the asus afudos utility (ftp://dlsvr01com/pub/ASUS/mb/flash/AFUDOS236.zip).

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ngflushd sets relatime when remounting ext3/ext4 but laptop-mode-tools doesn't do it so we've to set it ourselves in /etc/fstab: See here what is relatime: to summarize, relatime is a good compromise between atime (most expensive) and noatime (least expensive) Using powertop, you can get an idea of the power consumption of the various elements.

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