1st year dating anniversary gifts for women online dating in nigeria

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Better yet, see if you can get a meet and greet with some of the players.

Even if you're broke, you can still show your boyfriend how much this year has meant to you with inexpensive or homemade gifts.

A collection of pictures from your year together brings back nostalgia, plus he'll think of you every time he sees it.

Keep it simple by using a collage photo frame from a craft or discount store, or go online to create a fun themed piece.

For example, Alissa Levy on Etsy will paint or illustrate a portrait.

Build a new memory by taking your boyfriend on a trip.

An intimate gift like matching underwear can signal your comfort and commitment level whether you've been intimate yet or not.

Since underwear is often cheaper than other clothing and apparel items, you won't have to break the bank to make a big statement.

Even if there's no national league like the NBA or NFL nearby, other options abound.

Depending on the time of year, choices may include: Contact the venue ahead of time and ask if they can mark your anniversary with a sign or announcement over the loudspeaker; most smaller parks will be happy to comply.

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Some ideas with special meaning for an anniversary include: Make it a day, weekend or longer jaunt depending on your time and budget.

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