Accommodating students with autism Random adult webcam chatting

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Accommodating students with autism

Students on the spectrum often need time away from other students and the demands of the mainstream classroom.

The frequency with which this needs to happen will be based on the individual needs of the students involved, and where they go in these situations would be dependent on the school setting.

Doing this would help them to not only manage the social and sensory challenges of the school environment, but also the stress and anxiety they can experience.

During the survey, students with autism made some suggestions as to how teachers could better support their needs.

Up to 72% of students on the autism spectrum have additional mental health needs.

Classrooms are social environments that rely heavily on being able to interact, socialise and communicate with others effectively.

Challenges experienced interacting socially and communicating with others are common among students on the spectrum, and will have an impact on every aspect of their lives.

Teachers, then, need to have a better understanding of autism and how it may affect learning.Research shows the importance of understanding the link between academic learning and social and emotional competence.A lack of social-emotional competence can lead to not only a decrease in a student’s connection with school, but also academic performance.Students with autism can find tasks requiring a lot of planning and organisation such as managing assignments, participating in assessments, navigating learning tasks, and completing homework extremely difficult.This can have a negative impact on their cognitive, social and academic ability.

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This can help students on the spectrum overcome many of the motor skill difficulties that make handwriting difficult.