Air force consolidating hr services

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Air force consolidating hr services

This department assumed responsibility of the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory and Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment functions that were previously assigned to the Information Technology and Systems Department.

It also assumed responsibility of the Maintenance Operations Control Center and Integrated Scheduling functions that were assigned to the Resource Provisioning Department.

"The transition was for the most part transparent and seamless.The Restructuring Transition Team, led by ATA Finance/Program Control Manager Joyce King, was formed in order to make sure new organization codes were entered in the various systems, employees were properly assigned to their new organizations and the timecard system was ready for labor hours to be recorded and approved.The team met weekly during the month and a half leading up to the April 23 transition date to prioritize and track tasks and brainstorm for potential issues.No staff reductions occurred as a result of the restructuring, and many employees were unaffected.The majority of those who were affected saw only a change in their department or branch assignment.

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The change was made because staffing levels at AEDC have been reduced more than 20 percent in the last three years.