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Alvarez yairi serial number dating

In 1979 the following are the models they made and the price A500 -9 (2 point) A700 - 0 (basic F) A800 - 5 (F with fancy abalone fingerboard inlays and headstock vine My 1984 Price list shows - interesting, the price went down A100 - 5 A500 - 0 A700 - 0 A800 - 5 A900 - 5 Thanks Years ago, I remember seeing ads in Guitar Player Magazine with Roy Clark endorsing Alvarez instruments.

In the ad he held an absolutely gorgeous-looking F-4 copy.

6) I do not know much about wood grain, so I am unsure of the material of the fretboard. The pattern is tighter than that of my rosewood fretboard model instruments, but "looser" than the ebony on my double bass. As I previously stated, I cannot find any info on this mandolin.

I recently acquired an old (oldish) Alvarez F-5-style mandolin.I am a new mandolinist (there are more than enough guitar players in the world, so I needed a change), and the info on this site is invaluable to my education.Thanks for your time, Matt Matt, I don't know how much help I can be but I bought one new in 1978 that some what matches your description.Im just hoping that someone on this site has ever encountered an Alvarez like this.Thanks for any help, and keep up the good work on the site!

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I dont recall that any of the Japanese makers of F-style mandolins at that time were making F-4 replicas, & I remember the photo knocked my socks off at the time.. I saw another several years ago for sale but those 2 are the only ones I ever saw!

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