America dating in perth woman

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America dating in perth woman

I was supposed to get up early to go to the beach cause we had a long drive.I can tell y'all a lot of stories about the countless big-name rappers, athletes from the US that have smashed beaucoup Aussie punani during their tours. It's a long flight from anywhere in the US -- but, it's well worth the trip. Australia even has a latino website dedicated to latin culture/events/clubs and just about anything.I've been rollin' thru Oz for many yrs now, and I will straight-up tell y'all that if you're a bruh ya gonna get pampered by the Aussie chicks.Most of then time I stayed with chicks regardless if they had a boo or not. When the party started, she told me that I would receive the 'Official Aussie Welcome' from her friend who had a striking resemblance to Kim Basinger (I got a thing for KB).If your from some small town in Idaho it might be fun but if your from LA then its boring.They make a big deal about the Opera house and Sydney Bridge but thats like going to Downtown LA and looking at a building.Yeah, sorry, but my BS meter was clicking as I read your post. I want to Sydney for 8 days and Melbourne for 2 days last November.

There was a long line of chicks waiting in his suite to get into his room to bang him. I've heard stories about everyone from Kanye to Ice-T. The Spanish film festival is happening the entire month of May, and my brother is down there partying and bangin his ass off.

Stay away from Sydney and go to Melbourne, the Gold Coast, or Perth and these women will be all over you.

H2H, off the subject of girls for a sec, what did you think of Sydney?

I want to Sydney for 8 days and Melbourne for 2 days last November.

I went because of all the stories my best friend told me about.

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He is in the Navy and ported in Perth 3 or 4 time and he said that the white women treated the black men like kings.

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