Angel dating game

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Angel dating game

Enjoy the company of beautiful and cute anime girls in The Angel Inn.

As a brave adventurer that stops by to rest at an inn you will meet three attractive ladies. The Angel Inn is an anime visual novel created by Ddream Games.

How will you decide which of these three beautiful anime girls to seduce?

No matter what choices you make it is certain that one of the adorable anime girls will show interest in you.Maybe trying to figure out what her story is will bring you closer to her.Bonding with Faylinn might prove to be difficult but after time she will see that you aren’t like other adventurers. After you spend a night at the inn you decide to roam around the corridor for a while.You hear very beautiful music playing in one of the rooms.As you try to follow the sound of the music you find a very stunning woman sitting in a chair.

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