Articles on why dating is not allowed at work

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Articles on why dating is not allowed at work

In most cases, your identity is misrepresented because your voice does not consistently communicate what is really on your mind.   If this sounds too familiar, it is apparent that you are not performing at your most optimum levels.

The ongoing political dynamics in the workplace makes it easy for employees to voice their opinion.   For example, the next time you are in a meeting, ask yourself, “Who is really adding value to the goals of the conversation?

  In other words, I was always called upon when a project wasn’t building enough momentum and needed a spark.

If you are deliberate in how you enjoy expressing yourself at work – others will take notice and people will appreciate your consistency and utilize the predictability of your voice.    Your colleagues will grow to trust you faster as your brand defines your competencies and the value you bring to the table and represent as an individual. Accelerates Your Career There is a reason that certain people advance more quickly than others in their careers.   They have mastered the art of speaking-up by having a balanced voice that their colleagues respect and admire.    Their voice, i) enables the organization, ii) challenges the status quo and cultivates innovation, iii) inspires those that don’t have a voice, iv) increases their market relevancy & value, v) provides leadership and earns trust from the industry they serve, etc.

Therefore, your voice must be balanced and objective. It means that you are able to manage how and when you say things.

At a time where the demand for transparent communication in the workplace is at a premium, employees are not speaking-up enough.

Organizational Performance Your performance at work begins to wane when your voice is not heard.

Speaking-up fuels discussion, ideation and group-think. It’s important to discuss issues openly in order to get input, feedback and invite perspective.

As you mature in your career, so should your voice.   For some people, they never find their voice because they didn’t have the courage to create one (they just kept borrowing the voices of others).   It takes time and only you can create the voice that truly defines you.  Be more vocal, test your ideas and take note about how people react to them.

Work is not about winning popularity contests, it’s about winning the respect of your peers because you are able to lead people and help grow the organization’s value with your voice.

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” In a meeting of five people you are lucky if more than two consistently deliver.

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