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I work on the maintenance crew, have done so for 2 years. I don’t really have my family and, well, friends sort of just forget about... Although the state calls me inmate 63405, I was actually born Sikia Smith, a 39-year-old native Californian who fell in Las Vegas.

I enjoy working out, reading and listening to music.

So don’t be intimidated to reach out to me and be yourself. My friends and family also call me “Deuce” because I’m the 2Hello, How are you doing today? I’m from Los Angeles, California; laid back, respectful, understanding, open minded, unselfish, forward, adventurous, spontaneous, secure, fun-...“ATTENTION: CALVIN KLEIN MODEL LOOKING FOR LOVE” Okay well, I’m obviously not a Calvin Klein model but, what I am is an honest man looking for friends with the ultimate goal of love.

I also have plans to change my location once I’m released to Miami, Florida or Los... Hope all is well and that you and your loved ones are in the best of health and that you’re in good spirits upon reading my profile. I’ve been locked up for 8 years now and I’m looking for something real, something of substance.

Before I was incarcerated I lived in the city of Industry. I enjoy working out and I love to listen to a variety of music. First and foremost, the privilege is mine to have your immediate attention if for only these few seconds as your heart beats along with your curiosity.

During this period of time I’ve applied myself to become a better person and a man by being on top of my mental and emotional game. My name is Arturo Carrillo out of Modesto, California.

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If you’re reading this, let’s just agree that we’re both looking for the same thing and make a real connection happen. I also have a great sense of humor and can enjoy a good laugh!

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