Browser not updating certificate speed dating in rochester mn

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Browser not updating certificate

Basically you have to bind the site to the new certificate.

open up IIS - select the site - click bindings - select the "https" header then click edit - select the new ssl certificate in the "SSL certificate" dropdown. Since you(and I) deleted the old certificate the site wasn't binded to any certificate so all your users were using the old cached certificate OK that's all!

I'm getting the following from SSL diagnostics: #WARNING: Cert Verify Certifiolicy returned error -2146762480(0x800b0110) However, when I try the SSL handshake it all seems to work.

Family ID=56FC92EE-A71A-4C73-B628-ADE629C89499&displaylang=en To do that, we should look at the website's properties in the metabase, particularly the SSLCert Hash property. Double-click the certificate to bring up its properties, and on the details tab scroll down to the thumbprint property.

From there, we can verify if the SSL was propgated to teh IIS site setting properly. * Verify that the value for the "thumbprint" is the same as the "SSLCert Hash" stored in the metabase.

I couldn't see any other mentions of SSLCert Hash except under the 'Properties' node, would this be correct?

(I have previously removed any other SSL certs from other domains through IIS admin so no other site IDs should have it). Could there be another device that is issuing the old certificate?

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The weighting is primarily for Hades information on the thumbprints, that post really helped confirm I had the certificate installed the right way. I just finished dealing with this exact same problem...

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