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I know at our hospital - many nurses work odd hours, long shifts and all over the hospital depending on where they are needed.

Would it better to take my chances going around shift change or to call and ask to speak with her?

(Still doesn't mean they are interested, bythe way!

The rest of my message pertains to how my hospital operates and I'm going to assume it is the same for most.Just learn from it, and learn to approach and get aphone number right away!I have been asked out by men who thought that there was some kind of "connection" when in reality I am just being who I am and doing my job...I don't think they'd give me her hours if I just called and asked, which makes going to see her difficult unless I go around shift change time, which might increase my chances of seeing her.This would be in stark contrast to many womenin public who have their shields up!

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