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"You're calling names in a matter that the whole country knows is under investigation," he added.

At this point, Opposition Senator KD Knight told Tavares-Finson that Brown should be allowed to continue in the public interest but the president would not budge on what should be addressed in the debate to which Brown responded: "My freedom of speech is not going to be muzzled." At one stage Brown said it was his purpose to clear Miller's name.

Brown's comment about Miller, and his insistence on going down a certain path during the debate on Friday on the Act to Amend the Petroleum Act, led to Senate President Tom Tavares-Finson eventually ruling that Brown could take no further part in the debate. The Petroleum Act was amended to allow for the transfer of J8 billion from the Petro Caribe Fund to the Consolidated Fund.

Tavares-Finson responded pointing out that Brown had been calling the names of people who have not been convicted before any court.

Braham pointed out that Brown was at least insinuating the names of persons in wrongdoing.

"It's not the function of this chamber to convict anybody's a dangerous trend," Braham said.

"I want to know if that almost million allegedly instructed to be paid to Miss Doreen Miller, the so-called household helper of (former) minister Ruel Reid came out of any of that Petro Caribe money that went to the CMU," said Brown.

Stating that it was important to know whether Miller had received any of the money, Brown answered his own question. Miss Miller has spoken to me and she said not a single cent of the money came to her," said Brown who attempted to continue but was cut off by Tavares-Finson.

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"In relation to that aspect of your presentation if you return there I'm going to bring your presentation to a close," Tavares-Finson responded.