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Chat onesex

You are such a fucking hetero fag, you party on the weekends getting a little molly and a hotel room since your married and you could never let her find out.You just like to throw down and get loose for awhile and I get that.

I knock on the front door, you had just gotten out of the shower, so you answer the door in your bath robe with it slightly open in the front. Oh yes..yes, sorry Kristi, come on in and have a seat, would you like some wine? As you bring me my wine you ask me, so how do you know my name?I have seen the way you have been looking at me in the neighborhood so I know what you want. But I know something else that is hard right now, *wink*. Now I want you to kiss down my body and put your face between my legs and start licking and sucking me.Now, lick and suck on my nipples and move your hand down between my legs and rub my clit and finger me. There ya go, that is a good boy If you want to hear more of my story and find out what happens next then give me a call sweetie and I will tell you all about it!I have been waiting for the right opportunity to go over to your house and introduce myself.I know what I want with you and it is simple, as far as naughty neighbors go.

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