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Try to find your perfect place in a club where you can have at least some privacy and bring her there.Everyone that has been to Beirut can agree with me that Beirut is the Las Vegas of the Middle East.The malls are excellent for approaching Lebanese women.However, do not forget to try some street game around the classy shops near Nijimeh square, Foch Street, harissa church, the Jounieh area, and good old Starbucks.Of course, I am talking about girls in Beirut; I’m sure you will find a different, more conservative culture if you go to the peripheries, just like in the case of Albanian women. If you are good with this, Lebanon is your country.Girls will often try to see “who will look away first” when it comes to eye contact. They usually have that sexy, dark, sensual look with a small waist and big breasts, and their skin is lighter compared to those in other Middle East countries.

They want “to show you off,” since Beirut is not such a big city and people know each other.

It is your job to keep everything you do secret and not to put her in the spotlight.

Make sure you isolate her for whatever reason you can think of (“come, I want you to meet someone,” “let’s get some drinks,” etc.) because you will have a hard time taking her home if her friends are watching.

Don’t be just another friend; show some masculinity and don’t be afraid to be sexual and direct, or to ask for what you want. As far as the English language goes, most of the people speak English and even French, so not knowing Arabic is not a big deal.

Women aren’t used to be approached during a day, but they will respond nicely.

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There is not much of a range of quality, but overall, Lebanese women are the best-looking females in the Arabic world, period.