Child dating gay parent Cam4 qatars

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Child dating gay parent

Tell him that you understand how this is one of the hardest things for a young person ever to admit to; that you realize it has probably been preceded by months, maybe years, of struggle, pain, and fear.Second, assure him of your unchanged love in both word and deed. Tell him that you will continue to seek his very best, as you have always done.It would be a grave mistake to start trying to ask “why? ” It would be an even greater mistake at this early stage to launch into sermon mode or to starting quoting bible verses.You need time to process this and he needs time to recover from the trauma of telling you.

Read, for example, Jackie Hill’s I looked at my life, and saw that I had been in love with everything except God, and these decisions would ultimately be the death of me, eternally.

is Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and has also recently accepted the call to be the Pastor of Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church.

He is the author of Christians get depressed too, How Sermons Work, and the forthcoming Jesus on Every Page.

Second, Rachel seems to identify everyone who takes the view that homosexual desires are part of broken human sinfulness, and that homosexual actions are sin, as bullies. In doing so, Rachel is, unwittingly I’m sure, aiding and abetting the militant LGBT movement who want to demonize and silence all opposition to their agenda.

I’d like to offer an alternative response to Rachel. Like many Christians I’m still learning how to respond to the social and cultural revolution of the past ten years or so.

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My eyes were opened, and I began to believe everything God says in his word.

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