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we believe that there are many situations in which people have to roll up their sleeves and persuade. You could begin by inviting the aggressor to engage in a dia- logue in the hope of arriving at a mutually satisfactory outcome. But what if the aggressor spurned your invitation'? This chapter not only demonstrates such co mpl exi ty. and also addresses recelll criticis ms of the theory. Referellces_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Infan te. like pool balls banking off the cushions of a pool table or ricocheting off one another before finally dropping into a Part I • Preliminoril'.v: Definitions. l Il Id Theon'tical Ulldell Jillllillg.\ 11 poc ket. although we said carlier that we would like you to co nsider thi s section more of a main course than an appetizer, we hope that this first batch of chapters will whet yo ur appetite for all th ose that follow. if hi5, son or classmates had been thinking such thoughts, they wouldn't be the f I,,1. Plato derided the first teachers of persuasion for "making the worse appear the better reason" (Corbell, 1971, p. persuasion is under attack for being a manipulative acti\ity. you might be wondering whether the study of persuasion has suffered as a result. one might be tempted to conclude thai this is the case. for example, Miller and Burgoon (1978) initially noted: While il would be hyperbolic to state Ihal Ihe gum. Instead, interest in various aspects of persua- sion may be cyclical.

Withoul persuasion, how does a physician urge a diabetic patient to layoff sweets or get more exercise?

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Think, for example, as the author and his son did for the rest of Iheir fishing Irip, of all Ihe good Ihings that persuasion mighl accomplish. Though we do not havc rool11 to consider suc h "i tuati ons here.

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