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Which were totally ignored until vendors were calling daily about the bills. Human resource is very bad does not listen to you, no advancement and no raises.Owner adjusts your time clock hours outs so he does not get penalized for the law of lunch break.Worked a lot to get them up and running on EHR and billing and was treated poorly by some management. The company had lost many employees over the last couple of months and the work loads had increased a lot more for the employees who had stayed.Ended up getting laid off because the company went up for sale. That became a lot stressful and the harder we worked there was no growth with in the company.

The quality of work is expected to be great when the compensation is quite the opposite.I have been at this compay for about a year and I enjoy working for this company. Staff at PRN were very proffesional and good to work with.I dont regret doing internship at PRN, they know how to treat each patient as such individuals and are very caring with the patients.With projected revenue of Rs 200 crore for FY 2015, Number Mall is in talks to raise a Series A round from institutional investors.“We have acquired the company for the product IP and it remains incomplete without a transaction piece such as ours,” said Kiran Gali, adding that the company already had a network of 30,000-plus merchants in the tier-2 and tier -3 centres.


Founder of Bank Smarts Subinder Khurana will work with Number Mall till the technology is integrated with its platform.

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