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Student loan consolidation is taking out a single loan large enough to pay off the balances of all your federal student loans.You make monthly payments, presumably with a lower interest rate, to repay the large loan.GRADUATED Repayment Plan: If client’s income is low now, but client expects it to increase steadily over time, this plan may be right for them.This option is especially ideal for individuals that are just starting with their career. STANDARD Repayment Plan: This repayment plan saves the client money over time because the monthly payments may be slightly higher than payments made under other plans, but client will pay off the student loan in the shortest time. We Facilitate Student Loan Consolidations exclusively Through The Dep”t Of Education’s Student Loan Consolidation Program.Once the client is initially qualified for IBR, the client may continue to make payments under the plan even if the client no longer has a partial financial hardship.Payments are typically lower on this plan, and the terms are calculated over a period of 25 years.

If client meets these qualifications (additional prerequisites may be required, final determination of eligibility for this program will be made by the SDE processing department during the welcome call with the client); a portion of their outstanding student loan debt may be forgiven.Under this plan, the monthly payments are based on income and family size.The client’s payment amount may increase or decrease each year based on the client’s income and family size (this information is automatically reviewed yearly by the Department of Education).INCOME CONTINGENT Repayment (ICR) Plan: This repayment plan is similar to the IBR; requirements and guidelines are the same, however, the repayment amount is calculated with different formulas.NOTE: Specific loans will qualify for IBR only, whereas others will only qualify for ICR.

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Basically, the government is willing to pay off all your federal loans and give you a new loan with a fixed interest rate.