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“If either one of you sees it as just a hookup, that’s where things can get messy.” That’s precisely why having an open conversation about how you both feel about office romances is also important, she says.

Once you’ve decided the relationship’s the real deal and have “come out” to your employer and coworkers, you’ll still want to limit your interactions, says Davidoff.

“It’s probably wisest to tell HR and your manager first, and then your team, and then friends throughout the company,” she says.

“I don’t think it has to be a big announcement—maybe say it at a team weekly for your smaller team or tell people one-on-one.” If you’re not sure of the best route, Davidoff recommends asking HR what they prefer.

“I see no reason to tell coworkers, other than the fact that they will find out anyway,” says Krow.

And for this reason, Davidoff says you may want to tell people before they discover you’re dating a coworker via social media or become suspicious based on various behaviors, such as leaving the office together.

reassigning someone, signing certain paperwork, etc,” says Davidoff.

” And finally, let’s say you’re hopelessly in love with someone your company prohibits you from dating. I think you have a chat with HR to see if there are ways to work around it—i.e.In other words, if you’re dating your boss or your direct report, trying to keep things under wraps could spell trouble.“It creates a major conflict of interest,” says Jessica Davidoff, CEO of STATE Bags.(And if you don’t have an HR department, ask your manager).It’s important to establish boundaries from the start to ensure you’re both on the same page regarding how the relationship is defined, says Lisa Concepcion, certified professional life coach, who specializes in dating.

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Should your office crush remain just that until one of you leaves the company, or can you responsibly engage in a workplace romance without it blowing your career?

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