Danni ashe chat sex

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Danni ashe chat sex

David Hemmings straddled over Varushka like he was having sex. Best view ever of those classic boobs, and I have proof of it in pictures." I see that ntrl1one has been busy lately! Bungle, Gern shot two photo sets of Danni (Artist's Model DHD#10824 and Pixie in Purple DHD# 10852), on that first encouter on Aug 27, 1992.There may have been a third set shot at the same time, I have never seen it published, but Gern claims he is selling prints from the the photo set (I am still working on getting at least some of them, hopefully all). I went back through my information and found I was in error concerning Danni's early photos.So I did that for awhile, and had a number of really awful experiences.And out of those experiences I thought, "You know what, it's time to move on." ...

I booked her off that contact sheet, trying to not show to much enthusiasm, didn’t want to pay a premium to Hal for getting her first. Suze offers more money and the model cancels your shoot and books her.

The following are images from the set, from Gern's auction site, the quality of these is not very good (but then they are only intended to be a sample). This pic here looks to me to show examples of augmentation. DHD released a set of images that Danni says were taken by her boy friend in 1987, and so those are the earliest pictures of Danni in the nude, that I know of (The Private Collection 1987 DHD #12907) .

Free Image Hosting by Image Easymuse, that video is acutally one of the last videos she appeared in, it is from a Napali video ( THIS is the vid I was thinking of when I made my post. Hey Zortag, where does this vid fall in with her timeline of work? Can you see the different band of color that rings the bottom half of her nipples? Now on the other hand I could be absolutely stupid. As for the earliest professionally taken photo, according to Danni she paid for this shoot in 1988 to be used for her entry in Playboy's Anniversary Playmate Search, unfortunately Danni didn't make the cut.

She was not nervous, but she was quiet, not shy, but not a slut either. I would say about five foot two inches with a true hour glass figure; a small waist with wide hips, beautiful blue eyes and short blonde hair. Next time she came in town she got really booked up and was shot many times. My best impression of her was those ski sloped tits.

The best angle to view those were from about two feet below looking up, You only get that view when she was dancing on stage or being photographed.

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The first and only woman to ever appear on the cover of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and make the front page of the Wall Street Journal. One of the fantastic naturals of the '90s, Danni came a long way from her early days selling photos through the mail.

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