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Your invitation letter or email will usually come from the college you applied to.

If you submitted an open application, the letter or email will come from the college you have been allocated to.

During the continuous employment period, we accept job postings and arrange interviews until all students have found employment.

Tutors are looking for your self-motivation and enthusiasm for your subject.

Decisions are not based on your manners, appearance or background, but on your ability to think independently and to engage with new ideas beyond the scope of your school or college syllabus.‘Interviews give us the chance to see whether an applicant has the intellectual capacity to learn and be stretched by our teaching system; fundamentally the question is this: can we teach this person in a tutorial situation and will they thrive in this environment?

We have published some sample interview questions to help you get an idea what to expect.

There may well be more than one right way to answer a question in which case tutors will be more interested in exploring your thought process.

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Sometimes you might get invited to interview by a college you did not apply to.