Dating a junkie

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Dating a junkie

I am a girl who requires a great deal of attention from the man I love.When we would go out to breakfast, my basketball junkie boyfriend would have his nose in the sports page of the newspaper instead of talking to me.

Why has this crazy spreading among the population like the plague in World War Z?

He loved watching basketball, playing basketball, listening to basketball on the radio, and talking about basketball. Because of his job, he was privy to some inside information, often of the salacious variety–for instance which professional players wives’ would give their husbands condoms before road trips and which players were well endowed, as well as which ones weren’t.

Having a boyfriend who worked on a sports show definitely had its perks.

The Kiss Cam was my favorite part of the game, and of course, I was always trying to learn new moves from the world famous Laker Girls.

Meeting the players and going to the games were a lot of fun, but there was a downside too.

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Looks like he’s put all of his childish ways in the past. Because come every August the man behind “Ha Ha Monica Loves Clinton Dix” reactivates his account and his elementary school sense of humor in the process.

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