Dating a well hung old guy

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Dating a well hung old guy

It seems both men and women praise the thought of either having or being with someone who is well endowed.But is a big dick really all it’s cracked up to be?Every time you have sex, just when you think he’s all the way in, you realize he’s only halfway in.

If he’s well-endowed in the length department, well, you’ve found yourself with what you thought was a mouth-full, but realized half of his penis was still Sometimes you find yourself looking at your partner’s member, and then pulling up visuals off your ex-boyfriend’s members and putting them next to his, comparing.Sometimes you look at his body and just don’t understand how a penis of that size grew on a body of that size. A well endowed penis can seem sexy and exciting, but those who have actually slept with a big penis may say differently.We did not sleep together, and he was very understanding about it.” – Miyako, 29.“My first boyfriend was about nine inches and let me tell you, that’s way too big, girl.

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Furthermore, he knows women often say that even when it isn’t true, so he doesn’t entirely believe you. With past partners, you could keep your nails long—your fingers wrapped all the way around their members so there was no worry of scratching them.

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