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Dating dims

Describe your favorite battery recharging physical activity? And with this dimension, we finish the „visible“ dimensions.Because both intellectual and physical dimensions are, most of the times, easily seen, distinguishable and understood.

This dimension is all about the logical side of our brain.And it’s not disclosed or put on a sleeve for everyone to see.It is deep inside the person because most of us are vulnerable here.And you need to start with these categories to unlock the two other dimensions where you actually create that much-needed connection with the other person.Emotional dimension falls into the „invisible“ part of four dimensions- because it’s hidden from the eyes of other people.

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The questions here can look something like this: What makes you you? Describe your perfect relationship (both platonic and romantic). Side note: You should be ready to share similar experiences when she asks „how about you? Everyone has spiritual needs, but not everyone knows what they are or knows how to properly articulate them. This is a dimension where a person feels a connection with something bigger than herself.