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While the name is all about the resemblance to a hammer, to understand the psychological aspects of this, we need to explore this in more detail.

The shadow is formed when the stock or other security the chart represents trades much lower than its opening price, but then rallies and closes near or above the open price, creating that small body at the top. On a downtrend, it can signify areas in which demand has returned after an overreaction occurred and smart money came in to buy the value.

On an uptrend, it may mean an overreaction occurred and smart money came in to sell the inefficiency that was created from a euphoric move.

For trading, what this means is a potential trend reversal in either direction.

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Whether you are new to trading or not, you have probably seen those stock photos of someone sitting in front of a screen full of charts that accompany every article about trading.

However, their usefulness is not in what an individual candlestick can do, but the patterns that they form and the information that can be used from them.

These emotional swings in traders can be shown through patterns that we will dig deeper into later.

Each candle represents the trading activity for whatever period of chart you are looking at on a stock, index, or other trading instruments.

But have you ever looked at those charts and wondered what it all means?

There are many forms of charts, but probably the most commonly used are candlestick charts generally consisting of red and green rectangles that look similar to a box and whisker plot.

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However, the way these two components are shown can differ based on regular vs. All candles are solid in a “regular candle” chart.a Figure 2: .

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