Dating men with dogs

Posted by / 04-Mar-2020 09:59

So if you’re someone who revels in a really good hug, find thee a dog owner.

Having a dog – a raising a puppy particularly – is an exercise in patience.

Dogs are social creatures, and their owners tend to be social, too. But it’s mandatory – your voice has to go two octaves higher when you tell them how cute they are about 17 times in a row, then pinch their cheeks until you can feel them start to judge you. And no matter what other pets you’ll meet in the future, you won’t be able to help but compare and reminisce. So you’re not allowed to give them your leftover pepperoni pizza but they’re allowed to snag the vanilla cupcake off the coffee table? …but then constant reminders why you didn’t want all the responsibility in the first place. And as much as you enjoy spending time with your boyfriend’s dogs, you have to remind yourself that you’re never the one to bathe them, hardly ever the one to walk them, only sometimes the one to feed them – though you’ll always be one to love them. They were after all the main third wheels in your relationship – perhaps even had a front row view of the first kiss (and many kisses after that). Or more specifically – having your brand new black leather flats gnawed on to bits because they thought it was their new chew toy. And pet code 101: whenever in doubt, eat to check if edible. Because in your heart you’ll know, they are your first love of the pet-world – even though they were never truly yours.

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