Dating neutron lv

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Dating neutron lv

The remainder of the paper is organized as follows.First, we will present an overview of the heterogeneous agricultural land use system and soils of the study site in northeast Austria.

We will then compare the landscape average SWC values between the TDT network and CRNP.In addition to the weather station and CRNP, a network of Time-Domain Transmissivity (TDT) sensors (SPADE, Julich, Germany) were installed in the second half of 2013.The TDT sensors record hourly SWC at a point and were installed at 31 sites distributed around the study area (Figure 2(b) illustrates the 16 sites within the CRNP measurement area; see Figure 6 in [21] for full details).Similarly, the effective penetration depth of the CRNP varies from ~15 cm in fully saturated soils (0.40 m).Full details of the neutron scattering theory, neutron modeling, and coupling to a physically based unsaturated zone model can be found elsewhere [28, 29].

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In this work, we will explore the use of the indirect Cosmic-Ray Neutron Probe (CRNP) [18] for providing a landscape average SWC value in heterogeneous agricultural landscapes.

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