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I don't have that drive to keep trying to fix it anymore. " But I let him talk me into believing it will be different.

I do feel that the relationship can suffer for some couples such as mine, when it been a long period of dating. These past three weeks he and I have not communicated and this morning it was a shouting match over the phone; something I don't do ( I stepped out of character) that did not make me feel good at all. I've been with my guy for well over 10 years but no proposal.

Time to start establishing an independent life with people who really do support you emotionally. He didn't want to move in mine and his is very small t accommodate us all.

In closing, I love him ,but I know now that I am not "in love" with him anymore. We went through a horrible ordeal 2 years ago that really tested our relationship. But, now I'm just wondering where it goes from here. I'd like to be married before living with my boyfriend. He had no problem talking about getting another dog which is a commitment but, what about me?! We met when we were in early college (late teens/early twenties) but always talked about getting married (even after 1 year together).

So I will have to have this heart-to-heart conversation ( don't want to marry him now) with him very soon. I'm sorry to say this, but he will never ask you to marry him. I just don't understand why he hasn't committed to me. I thought it would be an eye opener for both of us after our horrible experience 2 years ago. After college, I ended up Moving across the country for him and thought a proposal was coming.

This took me a long time to realise but now I have and I see that it's no expecting too much asking someone to commit to a life with you if it's important to you. I know we wouldn't be happy or feel a true sense of joy because we can't communicate well.

I'm by no means ready to move on and meet someone else but when I am it will be someone who wants to commit to me for life and doesn't have to be asked to. Presently, I have come accustom to being by myself. Today is not the first or third time I said to myself " this is not working for me!

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We ended up buying a house together (stupid yes but I never thought we would get our house for what we offered... ) anyways after 9 years together (5 on, 1/2 year off and rest on, I made it clear that I want to make our relationship legit.) it's honestly embarrassing when you tell work partners or business clients how long you have been together and then trying to explain why we're not married and I'm ok or what I still don't understand... (I honestly feel ok bringing up the issue that if it does happen, I'll always question if it was coerced. Honestly I would rather have a bf that was honest and said they weren't into the marriage thing.

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