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The flexible content field is essential a wrapper for a group of layouts, so to loop through the layouts and target the sub field values, you must make use of a few extra functions.These are described below: This example shows how to loop through and display data with the have_rows, the_row and the_sub_field functions.The flexible content field acts as a blank canvas to which you can add an unlimited number of layouts with full control over the order.

For changing Word Press theme process is the same and you need to activate the new theme to replace the old one.3.

Pixel Perfect These Word Press themes free websites have been coded as pixel perfect and design shown matches the demo exactly.10.

HTML 5 based HTML5 based means that newest standards of HTML have been applied and that this theme will comply the latest standards.11.

Huge list of Plugin Compatibility There are more than 5000 plugins in the Word repository and for each and everything there is a plugin.

Hence plugin compatibility can increase the chances of usage of any theme and one can easily create any website as additional functionality will be taken care of using a plugin and hence we have focussed on full plugin compatibility and many of them are compatible with the theme.15.

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The main problem with customizer is that with more options the number of levels the user has to dig into increases and the forward and backward increases.

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