Dating rituals in egypt

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Dating rituals in egypt

Homosexuality isn’t illegal in Egypt, but the LGBTQ community has become a useful scapegoat for the el-Sisi regime, and the General Directorate for Protecting Public Morality is being used to jail and prosecute anyone perceived as committing a transgression.

Even when the charges don’t stick, charges can be used as a pretense for public humiliation, weeks of imprisonment, or even deportation.

Police there had printouts of his chat history that were taken from his phone after the arrest.

They beat him regularly and made sure the other inmates knew what he was in for.

But with developers thousands of miles away, it can be hard to know what to change.

It’s a new moral challenge for developers, one that’s producing new collaborations with nonprofit groups, circumvention tools, and a new way to think about an app’s responsibility to its users. Targets meet a friendly stranger on a gay dating site, sometimes talking for weeks before meeting in person, only to find out they’re being targeted for a debauchery case.

Police kept him locked up for two weeks after that, refusing to allow visitors and even denying that he was in custody.“It becomes hard to discriminate what’s private and what’s public.” As a result, channels for private communications like dating apps Grindr and Hornet are particularly important here.And to different extents, both platforms feel that they have some responsibility for keeping their users safe.Believing he would be given better treatment, he agreed — but things only got worse from there.He would spend the next 11 weeks in detention, mostly at the Doqi police station.

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The apps themselves have become both evidence of a crime and a means of resistance.

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