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Old Timer Knives manufactured by the Imperial Schrade Corporation closed their doors July 30, 2004, after 100 years of business.

It features milled (engine turned) liners that I have never seen on another. Today a new Sharpfinger can be had quite inexpensively.Granted, these days it’s manufactured overseas, and I know some enthusiasts who won’t touch a non-USA made Schrade, but I still find it to be a very serviceable knife.In that case the must be 5 variations Shearer --There were 2 separate times when the 7OT was sold:-- late-1978 thru very early 1982-- 1990 thru end of days 2004There are 2 versions of the early 'run' that I've seen: Both have the 4 visible pins and (I believe) are both high carbon steel-- your 75th Anniversary (rumored to be only 12,000 sold)-- same with no etch (120,000? -- Howie EDIT - Forgot that some of the 75th Anniv etch versions may have been given to dealers as 'Free Goods' as a promotion or for hitting sales targets.sold)The later 'run' only had the 3 visible pins and you've identified variations of that. I have one with a 'Free Goods' band that goes around the outside sleeve.

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Taylor has recreated the original patterns, and made these Classics available to the public once more.

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