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Based around the whole “confidence” aspect and eschewing any tricks that can create a break between men and the women they’re trying to meet, this guide is written for the absolute newcomer to dating.I’ve managed to cobble together a wonderful group of people who have helped me navigate my 20s over countless beers at many happy hours – but making friends just isn’t as easy as an adult as it was in college or high school.Tony Saunders says that he learnt the ‘Secret female code’ about how women feel and think and how can you honestly and ethically push their buttons.No bogus mind control, no tricking, no disrespect at all.But I wanted to write a review on Tony Sanders Dating Secrets because there some people out there asking to know more about it.So, what's it that makes Dating Secrets stand out among its competitors compare to other guides on the subject?“dating secrets review” “dating secrets reviews” Dating Secrets Review of Dating Secrets by Tony Sanders: The other day, I came across a new guide that I had never seen before.It’s not uncommon to find new guides in this field – after all there are a lot of guys who find new ways to be successful with women.

Whether fat, bald, broke, or like him, just a lonely gamer.

But, Tony Sanders sticks to mostly tangible, real world issues that guys can relate to (something a lot of pickup artists stumble on as they get deeper into their game).

It's pretty much the guide for any guy who doesn't feel comfortable with the heavy duty, thickly laid "pickup" tactics that so many of the top-end guys are using.

Of course, because of that down-to-earth style of writing, Dating Secrets isn't the perfect guide if your only goal is to meet women, have sex with them, and then meet more women.

This is a guide for men who want to better understand and then date women.

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