Dating service algeria gay

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Dating service algeria gay

To be able to complain when we are exposed to violence without fear of being criminalized.

Not to be justified for the police to harass us in the street for no lawful reason but only for being who we are, LGBT.

Abu Nawas group supervises the event, and last September launched 2 competitions to design poster and video for the event Ten Ten 2010 (in reference to 10/10/2010) under the banner of “hope”.

The competitions are for Algerian online LGBT forum members.

The event may appear simple but it is a symbol of solidarity with Algerian LGBT who through lighting candles at the same time in different cities in Algeria and around the world, break their sense of isolation and give themselves a glimpse of hope for their community.

We do not believe in the logic of mimicry and dependency, in which our opponents accuse us of in many cases.

It is considered impolite to talk or joke about this as it infringes on personal, religious and cultural intimacy, so leave it up to the other person to bring up this topic.

With women, the same subjects should be avoided; however, females will willingly talk about their children, husband, parents, and extended family.

They are ashamed of this subject which is taboo, so completely degrade its value to the level of worthless phenomenon; a minority which no need to talk about.

We are determined to fight for our rights to repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality, and not to be stigmatized.

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