Dating servicse that cater to dog lovers who is anna torv dating

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Dating servicse that cater to dog lovers

Under the able proprietorship and superintendence of Mr. Arthur Bao(m» this hotel most ooiitinue to e^joy its popakritj. In 1808 a permanent Cucuii was erected on the Grand Parade, near the spot occupied by tlie Grand Parade Chapel.

These concerts were given three times a week, nnder Ihe superintendence of Mr Forth, who was elected M. The Ball and Assembly Boom was converted into the Boyal Chapel and consecrated, remaining as saeh till the Boyal property came into the possession of the town, — when, in 1850, in accordance with airangement, it was razed to the ground and the materials sold to Was Wagner (sister of the Vicar), and re-erected in Montpelier Place, known as St. George Wagner receiving the ai pointment as officiating clergyman, and now held by the Rev. The Old Ship Hotel is of long established r^^putation, and is renowned for the admirable manner in which its yisitors are catered for. Henry Nye Chart, who has recently re- erected and beautified the same, and» in conjunction with his worthy partner, — a nraoh-esteemed lady, cater for the public requirements in a manner beyond all praise, en* gaging the first talent on the boards in their desire to gratify the frequenters of their establishment.

The audience were divided, and the Farce of The Spoil* d Child commenced, amidst loud acclamations from one side, and disappointed from the other. there heing a constant cry from pit and gallery of 'The fifth act! ' It was then found in Tain to proceed any further, as the house was all nmse and confusion, and the voices on the stage weie totally inaudible; it was therefore deemed advisable to drop tb B curtain, and the audience, in some short time after, quietly dispersed.

It having appeared to he the wish of the majority of the audienoe that the pby should • conclude with her scene, the curtain was dropped ; but Mr Eem Ue came forward and announced, that if it was the wish of the house, the play should proceed.

Slie then, as oil ;is liimself, appeared much affected ; for the audience, not satisfied with the usual method of shewing their approbation, stood up upon the seats and cheered her, waving their hats for several minutes.

At the end of the sleeping Boene, the plaudits continued from the time ' of hex going off till she again appeared to speak her address, which was neatly a quarter of an hour, which she delivered in a very impressi Te manner; and at the oonelusion of which Mr Eemhie eeme and led her off by the hand.

24', promenade concerts were given at the Castle Tavern, Castle Square, comer of the Old Steine, looking eastward. The other ball and assembly rooms were those known as the Old Ship Booms, situate at the rear of the Old Ship Hotel, and erected in the year 1650; from this eetahli Bh- ment arose the name Ship Street. Her first appearance was in "Portia" in the Merchant nf Venice, a character not best suited to her flowers ; aud Afterwards she made a more unfortunate attempt in Digitized by Google 9S tmitdjf m Mm (km LBf§ Runawojf: toon after l Aiflb bm sdnuren ht A the mortifieation to see Iter deeeend at the close of the season to peronate the walking Venus in the revived pageant of the Jubilee. a«nli7, wd l Uu^^ ttntm niss KD inr SATUBDAT^ l Ai X OCTOBEB^ 1809, A VATOBITK FLAY, nf WHICM MB. He was the oomposer of " Will Watoh, the Bold Smuggler," a celebrated song of world-wide renown, the authorship of which has been erroneously attributed to others, but the author of this work Touches for the aoooracy of this statement. Wbo has not ligh'd, when dooro*d to leave at last The hopes of youth, the habita of the paat, The thousand ties and inteieata, that impart A aecond nature to the human heart. The following is a copy of the Address spoken by Mrs Siddons : — Who h M not felt, how growing use endears The fend remembnnce of our fanner yean ?By ALDERMAN HENRY MARTIN, Ii ATB MATOB OF THB BOBOITOH OF BBIGHTOH. The writer of this book assisted in the above project, and was invited to lecture upon and illustrate a large and very valuable collection of prints, views, &c., relating to the early days of this fashionable town, and which were kindly presented to the Museum by Robt. Cunditt, Digrtized by Google 88 ■ Jeirdleiiyiiimolioii dating i Mok to (1^ Owing to the xftpid ino TMse of ibe population, a theatre mm «reoted» in 1778» at the upper part of Dnke 8tveet and later, in 1807, on the completion of the New Boad, another, on a more extensive scale, wa.s erected hy Hewitt Cobb, Esq., of Clement's Inn, London, ou the site of the present one. Brunton, sen., on the 24th September, 1806, and the theatre opened on the 6th of June, 1807. In 1818, posts and rails were erected aronndjihe Northern Enclosure, opposite the King and Queen, and shrubs and trees planted therein, — a vast improvement upon its prior appearance and eondiiion,»it having been, previously, the resort of all comers, and the receptacle of filth and refuse.BRia HTON: WBUSBXD BT l OBN BBAL, B00X8BLLXB ft 8SATI0NBB, BAST 8TBBBT. Furner, Esq., an esteemed inhabitant, who with other members of his family have been for many years associated with Brighton, and prominent in advancing its interests. The tragedy of Mam Ut waa seleetod for the opening play, the oelefaiated artistes Mr« and Ids. Beverley" in the play of The Qom Ms Ur; her farewell performance on the stage* Appended is a oopj of the h Ol of (he play** :— * nk« ICAXAai M f Ml bftppy, in nuwt mipm Uo U; aanonndiig to tl M Pnb Uo, Uuii Mx8. Here Brighton Fair was celebrated, at which showmen, toy vendors, pedlars, and *' Cheap Jacks " mustered numerously, and at that time the fair was one of the festivals of the inhabitants,—- held annually on Holy Thursday and succeeding day, and on ' the 4th and 6th September.

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Is now the mourner she but sccm'd before, — Herself subdued, resigns the melting spell, And breathes, with swelling heart, her long, her last £arewe U !

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