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Points are cumulated throughout the DCL season and the team with the most points after the final Drone Prix wins the DCL season championship.This table represents the current 2019 season standings.At the material time, X was the main actor in a very popular detective series.

Read more At each Drone Prix, teams finishing in the top earn points.

(b) The notoriety of the person concerned and the subject matter of the report A distinction has to be made between private individuals and persons acting in a public context, as political or public figures.

Accordingly, whilst a private individual unknown to the public may claim particular protection of his or her right to private life, the same is not true of public figures.

X issued domestic proceedings against the applicant company and in November 2005, the Hamburg Regional Court prohibited any further publication of almost the entire first article.

The court found that whilst a drugs-related offence was not a petty crime, the type of offence involved was of medium, or even minor, seriousness and that there was no particular public interest in knowing about it.

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Drone racing is a new kind of motorsport and is on the rise.