Dating someone who has no friends

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However, when jealousy interferes with a friend's ability to be supportive, it can have detrimental effects on the friendship,” says Dr. Listening to our inner voice is the best place to start.”If your friend’s name popping up on your phone via text message or calendar appointment gives you a bad feeling, trust your intuition. You shouldn't feel dread about seeing friends, if you do, ask yourself why,” says motivational speaker and executive coach Colene Elridge of Be More Consulting.

“Close friendships involve valuing the thoughts and emotions of another person.

An important part of friendship is give and take; sometimes you’re going to need some extra TLC, and sometimes they will.

“Good friends are like cheerleaders: they root you on and take pride in your success. “Listen to your gut and start taking small steps back, away from any scenarios that might connect you two." While, of course, some friends are simply honest-to-a-fault—which means you’ll occasionally face negative reactions that are tough to stomach—those same straightforward pals will also prove equally supportive and consistently build you up. Nicolosi stresses the importance of paying attention to internal cues. Do you feel weighed down, drained, and unsure of yourself?“If you find yourself not being able to trust a friend—their intentions, their word, their confidentiality—check the status of your friendship.”Of course, life is not without its ups and downs.It’s only normal that drama will pop up…but if a friend seems to thrive on that drama and is constantly sucking you into it, it may be cause for concern.“We feel guilty about cutting people off—maybe you've been friends since high school—but when we realize someone isn't supportive or an uplifting influence, you should reevaluate.” Here are the telltale signs it might be time to say goodbye.Healthy competition between friends is normal, and can even be positive, spurring you to be your best self while examining where you can improve.

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