Dating vintage dietz lanterns amanda seyfried dating

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Dating vintage dietz lanterns

The Vestas were made from the 1890s through 1960 with the same basic overall design, but different features. This one has an unmarked frame, but the globe is marked for the C&NW RR, which was the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.The earliest Vestas used a tall globe and bell bottom frame. It probably dates to around the 1930s.0035 0014This is a unique Dietz lantern and one of the older ones on our collection. 39 Standard bell bottom marked NH for the New Haven Railroad. This version lacks the standard carry handle and instead has a special hook handle that allows it to be hung as an indicator or safety light.The model shown here had it's design birth in 1907 when Dietz introduced one of the first short globe lanterns designed largely to accommodate the weaker kerosene fuel flame just beginning to be used by some railroads. It's also a shorter version, typically called a switchman's lantern. This one was actually owned by the City of New York and not a railroad. These were not designed to be carried and were used as back up lighting when working in tunnels or dark areas or as a safety lighting.

It lasted until absorbed into the Southern Railroad in 1981 and eventually the Norfolk and Southern. Since its establishment in 1840, Dietz has continually emphasized on on-going research and development aim to improve existing products and develop new products in order to satisfy market requirements. 50 Bi-Centennial lantern, which was a tribute to the country’s historic past. Courter previously authored books about Aladdin Lamps and Angle Lamps. Courter provides brief histories of 50 American Lighting Companies, lists selected patents and illustrates representative lamps. It was one of the major manufacturers that had developed numerous pioneer technologies on manufacturing of lanterns.

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