Dating website in california

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Dating website in california

I disagree a little with Venkat about the likelihood Grindr was blindsided by this law. Nordstrom California Supreme Court: Retail Privacy Statute Doesn’t Apply to Download Transactions – Apple v Superior Court (Krescent) CA Court Confirms that Pineda v Williams-Sonoma (the Zip-Code-as-PII Case) Applies Retrospectively — Dardarian v.

“Cooling off” laws are well-known in the dating industry and pretty well-known outside of it, so I expect (or, at least, hope) Grindr had some clue.

The company now must: “Automatic renewal is one of the critical areas in consumer protection today,” said Chief Deputy City Attorney Adam Radinsky, head of Santa Monica’s Consumer Protection Division.

More generally, if you’re an online vendor hoping to usurp an industry that has extensive offline regulations, you would be well-served to bone up on that regulatory scheme and, if you’re not going to comply with it, develop a clear explanation of why you think it doesn’t apply to you.

– Spark Networks USA, LLC, the parent company of niche dating sites Jdate and Christian Mingle, among others, has agreed to change its website and sales practices to better protect California consumers.

“Consumers always have the right to know where their money is going.” Spark Networks cooperated with the task force to reach the resolution.

"The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting consumers from unfair and unlawful business practices,” said City Attorney Lane Dilg.

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The terms are part of a final court judgment negotiated with a task force of local prosecutors that also included the district attorneys of Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties.