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To that point, people who enter relationships in their 40s and 50s might want to make sure they have a good sense of a prospective partner's own stability, not just emotionally but financially. For her first date with a man she's met on a website, she allows him to come to her extremely expensive and beautifully furnished home. Just be like Veronica and treat those bags like gold, which they are in a sense.

Not only catfished, but this story gathers legs and runs off into a truly bizarre direction.

Meehan spots Veronica choosing a handbag and asks, "What's in the safe, kiddo? Meehan asks Newell, who poses as an anesthesiologist, to deposit around ,000 cash in her account, because so many of his patients are uninsured and they pay in cash.

He can't deposit the money, which he claims he's reported to the IRS, in his own account, because of his ex-wife.

He needs to be a little creative in his accounting. Plenty of people like to have some cash in the house in case of an emergency.

Newell then offers to put the money with her own cash. First, nobody goes to a hospital with a wallet full of hundreds to pay for surgery. Especially with someone who says he's creative in his accounting. Keeping a couple of fifties or a few hundred — even a thousand — isn't the worst idea in the world.

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Now, I usually end these episodes with the most mental of dating stories but I do not want to leave you traumatised.

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