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As far as attraction goes, it's pure "old school" masculinity that's going to drive a feminine woman wild and keep you out of the infamous "just be friends zone"...every single time. Someone who can encourage you to unwire years of bad programming, assure you that what we're talking about here is 100% within your reach, and give you that all-important boost necessary to empower you to make a comeback on behalf of great men everywhere.

Do you wonder what it even means to be masculine anymore...given the "feminization" of manhood in today's world?It's as if we have been told that we must redefine manhood (and therefore who we are) for ourselves in today's modern culture.Except that when the previous model was apparently "thrown out", we weren't exactly left with a plan for what to replace it with, were we? Perhaps--just perhaps--there was never anything really "wrong" with being a man in the first place.Each focuses on a specific aspect of attracting great women and keeping them attracted, enabling you to take your success with women to the next level.As a direct result of the confusion, however, many of us as men are left scrambling to find authentic heroes--real men as role models who can stand in the face of very real challenges to masculinity and light the path.

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Sound like it's going to be just a bit too much to wrap your head around? And sadly, they shrug their shoulders and never even try to find the answers. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women.