Degrassi stars dating real life

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It's no surprise that our favorite stars ultimately end up forging very close bonds — after all, most of us end up becoming close friends with people we spend most of our waking hours with every day, if we're lucky (you know those people, your coworkers), so it shouldn't be that different for Hollywood stars.It also shouldn't come as much of a surprise when said co-stars hook up, even if just for a brief fling — hey, if regular people do it, obviously so do celebrities!They apparently all hooked up at one point or another! I bet you didn't know these two were co-stars, let alone that they dated.Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris, told People in 2009: "All of us dated at one point or another — it was incestuous! Neither have ever confirmed this, but it's rumored that when Banks appeared on a few episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1993, the couple ended up dating for a year, way before she was on America's New Top Model and he was a blockbuster film actor. They're two major Hollywood players nowadays, but back when they were just high schoolers trying to figure life out on Freaks and Geeks, the two apparently dated for a long time after the show's one season run.

Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.It's hard to believe that anything in Hollywood is kept a secret, but some of these hookups are so juicy and have been hidden so well, no one even knew they were a thing until years after the fact. Though Priestley later reached out via Twitter, and it seems all is well with these two. Fans of Dawson's Creek were thrilled that the show ended with (spoiler alert!Here are the juiciest co-star hookups you never realized even happened. ) Pacey and Joey ending up together, but it seems that Holmes and Jackson also dated in real life!When it comes to the happenings in soap operas, love is always in the air, as couples fall in and out of love on a weekly (or sometimes daily) basis.Go behind the scenes of the most popular daytime soap operas, such as , and you’ll see many examples of real-life couples who have found love on the set, proving once again that at times life can imitate art.

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