Diablo iii launcher updating setup files issues arise concerned with consilidating groups

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Diablo iii launcher updating setup files

not really being very useful here :/ I was reading the html and noticed "/account/local-common/images/game-icons/wow.png" So I put https://eu.battle.net/account/local-...e-icons/d3into the URL bar and well... , Just tested to launch the game etc, So here is a Picture when im still downloading game, as u can see MPQ etc is included! Probably a Keylogger or something in this installer..Notice plz the folder is only on 125 Files, im using AVG Internet Security Full version, u can see u just updated my virus program for updates, tho it found nothing.Let me know if you have any difficulties getting through.First of all consider to reinstall everything (files might be damaged) and re-download the mod (the archive might be corrupted or outdated).if this stuff is on the web (as he was using a launcher to download it) then there MUST be a way to get our hands on the files early to data mine (even if we can't play).That is assuming this video wasn't recorded on-site at blizzard. Using I've gathered a collection of places and I'll do my best to walk everyone through what I've been doing so far but atm I'm stuck :/ ftp.- /pub/

I then tried using the second link I've listed assuming that since it doesn't use https that the server can be accessed without a login, however I've had no luck accessing the ftp servers from eu.media.battle...B&platform=win and it threw an error at me So that's where I am now...I still need to look through the d3 javascript file and see if I need to have certain cookies to download or whether or not I need to have a account with access to the download. some more maybe useful stuff: version is BETA "show d3" doesn't throw an error okay so I found another diablo 3 icon.... When i were clicking on the links in the launcher it redirected me to some Copy of the Wo W Site, tho i got 5 lvl 80 on Wow but i couldnt choose them or nothing, not even look at my account.. If i choose to press " Parental Controll " i get here first : US...ental-controls Ten like 2-3 secs i come to Blizzards site!I said screw it and uninstalled the app, every game I had downloaded with it, and the program file.I then restated my computer and went for a fresh install of the app.

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So you can still download Diablo III in and then sign-in after launching the game.