Dirty sex chat with a bot csharp control validating

Posted by / 24-Feb-2020 15:16

Dirty sex chat with a bot

Think about an ambient assistant like Alexa or Google Home that could just be part of a group conversation.

Or your trusted assistant taking notes and actions during a meeting.

So next time you’re considering implementing chatbot technology, be sure to have your expectations in check, understand and map your use cases, and don’t fall for the “me-too” marketing nonsense.

Chatbots can indeed be useful, just viewed under the right lens, and the right amount of data to power your queries.

But someday, this paper clip could be the chosen one.

To envision the future of chatbots/virtual assistants, we need to take a quick trip down memory lane. Love him or hate him, he’s ingrained in our memory as the little assistant who couldn’t (sorry, Clippy.).

Think of it as your own personal podcast producer – pulling up documents, facts, and data at the drop of a hat.

This concept can be translated into the virtual assistants we use on the daily.

Clippy could be listening in, reviewing the questions the customer is posing, and proactively providing relevant content to the support agent.

Instead of digging around from system to system, good ‘ole Clippy would have their back, saving them the trouble of hunting down relevant information needed for the task at hand.

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