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Divinedating com

Just like we’d fought about everything else this week. We told the girl with the dresser “maybe,” and then my phone died. Our collective “squishing” just opened 247 seats for 4 people. So, I fought about how much we should spend on a new dresser with my husband, standing in my wedding boots, on the corner of Sunset and Vine. I mentally bitched at the announcement-giver and churches everywhere who ask you to “squish” down to seat people that walk in late. And then I looked at the entire row of single girls in front of me. Then I took a shower, worked up a good sweat on the stationary bicycle, and I took another shower.At the very least, however, he must have paid a price for it.But the one unifying element you consistently hear about Clooney is, he is always himself.The Clooney you see in the movies is the same Clooney you read about, is the same Clooneywho goes to Darfur, is the same Clooney who is sitting here right now saying, "I really am very much what people assume." There is no separation, and pretty much he hides nothing."), a 3D screening room and a Louisville Slugger baseball bat, model C271, hidden under the master-suite bed, for Clooney to use on intruders should anyone ever intrude (which no one ever has).Then there's his lush 18th-century villa on Lake Como, in Italy, where famous folks like to gather, get down, and jump off a wall into the lake ("I got Charlie Rose to do it a few weeks ago, after chumming the water with Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood").

And so here he sits, at his leisure, smoothing down his trousers, saying, "I think one of the major misconceptions about me is that I live my life the way people think I lead my life, with hot and cold drinks running everywhere and a party all the time.It's just not fair that it should all happen to one guy.And it must have been a very dear price, the time he gets compared to the greats Steve Mc Queen, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck – and the theorizing about him is endless. It’s been 10 days off the road, 10 days in Hollywood, and 10 days in our first apartment. My socks should match now, but in furnishing an empty apartment with our income, new socks are not on my priority list. I could make it an entire 24 hours without speaking to a soul. I did notice that my socks were too thick for these boots, and I cursed them for it. Lauren, when you’re jealous, it has to do with you and Me. I stood behind him in single file line, in the dark, like I was just another girl at church.

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And then there are the girlfriends, always beautiful, always leggy ("I've always been kind of a leg man"), and when it's time for them to go, they always go without fuss or harsh public comment.