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Dunhill ligher dating

The original wand has been re-wicked with modern material, lasts longer than the original Ronson wicks.Of course, I’ve tuned it and cleaned it up to work first time every time.There are other uncommon table lighters toward the end. This page has the most updates, and where you can keep an eye out for your favorite.If there is a certain lighter you are looking for, feel free to contact me – If I don’t have it, I might know where to get it.

Most Dunhill lighters feature brass body with a palladium or rhodium finish depending on the model.I will send along a copy of the original touch tip instructions and a pack of modern Ronson Firebronze Flints – best for these older lighters.This is a very nice example of a circa 1930’s Ronson Deluxe touch tip table lighter- it is chrome with a black enamel body and a relatively rare piece compared to the more common models.Some of them also specify a percentage, as in what percent of gold it is. Markings like "20u" or "20 micron" indicate plating thickness, but again, this indicates plating. I believe it's typically the outer casing and the lid, but I'm not 100% sure on that, truth be told, i'm not rich enough to own one!I imagine the actual internal parts are still brass, but maybe some of the pieces that are visible up top could be gold?

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