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The method creates an Auto Complete Parameters object.The result is then converted to JSON so it can be shown in the client.The C# option calls into the Home Controller from the browser and uses the Azure Search . The Java Script option calls the Azure Search REST API directly from the browser.This option will typically have noticeably better performance since it takes the controller out of the flow.The Dot Net How To Autocomplete sample demonstrates both suggestions and autocomplete, in both C# and Java Script language versions. NET MVC-based application that uses the Azure Search . The logic for making autocomplete and suggested query calls can be found in the Home file.Java Script developers will find equivalent query logic in Index Java Script.cshtml, which includes direct calls to the Azure Search REST API.Inputs collected in the search box are paired with suggestions and autocomplete actions, such as those as defined in Home or Index Java Script.cshtml.This exercise walks you through the following tasks: An Azure Search service is optional for this exercise because the solution uses a live sandbox service hosting a prepared NYCJobs demo index.

The sample code targets a prebuilt index populated with NYCJobs demo data.

This library adds the autocomplete experience to the search box by making asynchronous calls to the MVC controller to retrieve suggestions.

The Java Script language version is in Index Java Script.cshtml.

It includes the script below for the search bar, as well as REST API calls to Azure Search.

Let's look at the Java Script code for the first example, which calls j Query UI Autocomplete function, passing in a request for suggestions: The above line tells the j Query UI Autocomplete function where to get the list of items to show under the search box.

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So far, the search UX code has been centered on the suggestions.

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