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Section elaborates on the business drivers and benefits as well as the risks and further challenges of the EM technology for companies.In addition, the prerequisites in order to (technically) facilitate the deployment in a company are described.Currently, several Enterprise 2.0 platforms are beginning to emerge.This paper introduces Enterprise Mashup technology as a means to improve IT alignment of individual work processes and changing business needs.In order to indentify the final set of publications we subjected these papers to a more detailed (content-related) review.

Based on our literature review and an analysis of the functionality of existing implementations, we have developed a classification of EM types as illustrated in Table where we categorize four different types of EMs according to complexity.

Furthermore, we expanded our scientific foundation by reviewing the citations in the identified papers in the first literature exploration cycle to determine prior papers that should be considered for analysis in a subsequent literature exploration cycle.

We identified 96 papers all dealing with EMs or at least containing related keywords.

However, the business impact of Mashup introduction has not yet been analyzed adequately since existing research mainly focuses on the underlying technical concepts and principles of Mashup systems (Maximilien et al. Therefore, both the benefits and the challenges on an enterprise level will be addressed in this paper in order to evaluate the potential of service-oriented and flexible collaboration technologies like Mashup platforms for the business domain.

The remainder of this article is organized as follows: Sect.

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