Expat speed dating singapore

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Expat speed dating singapore

What to expect at our events: - Group interaction with guaranteed rotations facilitated by accredited dating practitioners - Secret admiration and matching - Verified single status of all participants - Group gender ratio of 40/60 to 50/50.

The speed dating age categories are orientational, if not written otherwise.

A few years (1 - 2) here or there does not make a difference, more important is how much are people guessing you.

However, don't register for a speed dating event if your age difference is too big.

The cateogry "Expats (Dutchies welcome)" is exactly the opposite, there are at the most 6 local people present. You will only meet people of the opposite sex during the speed date session, because it is a singles speed date.

You can meet, mix and mingle with other participants during the two breaks. The age range is a guideline only, if you are a woman and you are slightly under the age limit you are still welcome to attend. You will be contacted by email within 24-48 hours of the event to inform you of your matches.

Please keep in mind that we often have a last-minute place available.

Because of the pleasant location, the good atmosphere and the knowledge that everyone is there for the same reason the speed dating events are considered as a good night out where you meet lots of new friends. If not enough people signed in for the speed dating events we will move the event to another date, so more people can sign in.

You will be able to reserve speed dating event, only after you log in. Without beeing logged in, you will always see the 'Reserve' button, which is not an indication of availability. If you are interested in the speed dating events listed below, add yourself to the waiting list! Once there is enough potentially interested, we will organize the speed dating event, and send you reservation confirmation.

Putting your name on a waiting list is non-binding and you don't pay any fee.

Should I pay the entry fee if I'm on the waiting list?

You are not required to pay the fee if on the waiting list, however we advise you to do so.

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Therefore if you are on the waiting list and have paid the entrance fee and we are not able to accommodate you, you will receive all your money back.

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