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Since English translations of the Bible refer to them as "men who studied the stars", they are believed to have been astrologers, who could foresee the birth of a "Messiah" from their study of the stars.states that "according to Western church tradition, Balthasar is often represented as a king of Arabia, Melchior as a king of Persia, and Caspar as a king of India." Historian John of Hildesheim relates a tradition in the ancient silk road city of ancient Taxila that one of the Magi passed through the city on the way to Bethlehem.The form "Gizbar" appears in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament Book of Ezra (1:8). the Septuagint gave a Greek translation of "Gizbar" in Ezra 1:8 as "Gasbarinou" (literally: son of "Gasbar").In fact, the modern Hebrew word for "treasurer" is still "Gizbar". The transition from "Gizbar" to "Caspar" and "Kaspar" can thus be summarized as: Gizbar Who the magi were is not specified in the Bible; there are only traditions.The relics of the Magi were found in Persia by St Helena, but were later brought to Constantinople and then to Milan in Italy.From there they reached Germany, where they are now housed in the Cologne Cathedral.

It is believed that the name originated from a reference to the Nativity of Jesus.There is a concentration of three churches named after the Biblical Magi in and around Piravom, as against only another three so named in the rest of India.There are some who consider that Caspar’s kingdom was located in the region of Egrisilla in India Superior on the peninsula that forms the eastern side of the Sinus Magnus (Gulf of Thailand) by Johannes Schöner on his globe of 1515.You can change your settings and alerts anytime from the my_mail center.Use the form below to begin the application process.

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The Magi are now not considered by some to have been kings.

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