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All information shared is confidential and this service is FREE to Oregon residents.Call 1-877-695-4648 (MY-LIMIT), text 503-713-6000, or click the buttons below to contact us online through Live Chat, IM or Email.Your score places you in the "Low-Risk Gambler" category.A person in this score range experienced one to two minor problems related to their gambling.When you call, a certified gambling addiction counselor will listen, educate, answer questions, and refer you to a free and confidential treatment services.There are approximately 46 providers throughout the state of Oregon providing FREE, state-funded, confidential gambling treatment to Oregon residents and their families or friends.For example, too much time spent on gambling means less time to spend with family, friends, and others.

Once the minutes are added you are instantly ready to jump in and try Nightline. Android users can make connecting even easier by downloading the mobile version of Nightline.

This includes alcohol and drug use, problem gambling, eating disorders, depression and suicide. Blaming others is one way to avoid taking responsibility for actions, including actions needed to overcome the gambling problem.

Partners of problem gamblers are not responsible for problem gambler's actions. Quick fix solutions are often attractive to everyone involved and may appear to be the right thing to do.

Click Free Phone Chat now to go to the Android store and start your free in-app 60 minute trial.

No matter how our male callers choose to claim their free trial and connect, we know they will love the rush they get from Nightline.

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Our phone chat services cover many different cities. Our chat system can automatically recognize the area code of the phone in which you are using to call our chat lines.

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